Help Others

Mandie and I have a number of causes that are near and dear to our hearts and so we would like to share them with you.

1).  The Edmonton Dream Centre–Mandie has a sister who once was enslaved by drugs and alcohol but thanks to God’s work through The Dream Centre, she is now free.  Please watch the following video for a glimpse of the depth and the breadth of the Dream Centre’s work.

2).  INNHM (International New Hope Ministry)–Duane and Jennie Gill are a Canadian/Brazilian couple with a God-given heart for Brazil’s poor and destitute children.  They are trying to help through food distribution, provision of school supplies and many other practical avenues, with the dream of a safe place to house these homeless children in the future.

3).  Life Without Limbs–Nick Vujicic is an Australian man who was born without arms or legs.  Despite having what you or I might consider an incredible disability, Nick, through the grace of God, has become a world renowned speaker with a message that is truly life saving.  Look for him on his websites  or or check out some of his videos on You tube.

  • Our Causes (

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