I think one of the first reactions that we have when we first hear of God’s incredible love for us, if we are honest with ourselves, is that we are not worthy.  And I don’t mean this in the Hollywood sense of  “We’re not worthy” like in Wayne’s World…

…but rather, in a true sense of not deserving respect or attention, having little merit (Oxford Dictionaries).   I think we know intuitively that, despite the fact that many of us have not recently murdered anyone or participated in human trafficking, we still have that internal sense that our selfishness, pettiness, jealousies will be offensive to a holy God.  This is, I think, the right response from an unholy being to a holy God.

However, it is our response to these feelings that is key.

Either we can say, “Despite his promises, He can never love ME!”  Or, “I don’t know why He does, But He loves ME!”

Either we accept that an omnipotent Holy God has worked hard to draw us near through the forgiveness He has made available through His precious Son; that the perfect holy God has done the unthinkable for us.  OR we can think our sin more powerful than God and believe that what WE have done in our past is unsurmountable by the forgiveness HE offers us.

Please remember, in the Bible God shows how He can even use those with sin in their backgrounds:  murderers (Moses, David), liars (Jacob), prostitutes (Rahab), and those who ran away from Him (Job).  He showed us these stories for a reason.  Yes, He has done the unthinkable in sending His only perfect Son to die for us.  But His gift is offered to all, regardless of your past or present.  Think long and hard before you decide that your past is greater than God’s future.

Listen closely to the lyrics of this beautiful song.

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You may call me unusual. Strange. "Interesting." Crazy. But I like to think of myself as having all of the eccentricities of genius without the burden of the genius!

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