This post I am reblogging is from one of the blogs I follow. It is about forgiveness and how important it is. I hope you enjoy reading like i did. – Mandie

Stari Most (The Old Bridge) in Mostar, 1557. U...

The following story comes from Glenn E. Schaeffer via Christian Reader (“Kids of the Kingdom;”

During a childrens sermon one Sunday morning, I held up an ugly-looking summer shirt that I wore occasionally around the house. I explained to the children that someone said the shirt was ugly and should be thrown away.

“This really hurt me,” I explained. “I’m having trouble forgiving the person who said those mean things. Do you think I should forgive that person?” I asked the children.

Immediately, my six-year-old daughter, Alicia, raised her hand. “Yes, you should,” she said without hesitation. “But why? The person hurt my feelings,” I responded.

To which Alicia wisely answered, “Because you’re married to her.”

We live in a society that doesn’t care much at all about forgiveness. Our culture exalts those TV and movie heroes who take vengeance on others. Those who are willing to forgive are portrayed…

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