Sometimes we think that we are alone in our struggles in this world.  We think that no one else has ever been through what we’re going through.  I think this is Satan’s way of isolating us, surrounding us with our own walls of loneliness and fear.  But it is a lie.

God knows what we are going through.  He came to earth and left His glory and majesty behind so that He could walk this ground down here like us.  So He could experience loneliness, betrayal, physical pain and suffering, temptation; people mocking Him, willfully misunderstanding Him, doubting who He was, denying Him.  He knows.  He’s been there.

Another important point is that there are other people like us who have gone through what you are going through right now.  They have made it through thanks to God’s grace.  So can you.

Telling your story is an important part of the Christian walk.  It is a way of evaluating your own walk and encouraging those around you.  Also, as we walk along, we need to mark down our triumphs in Christ so that later on we can look back at these markers and remember God’s hand on us and be encouraged.

We’d like to showcase people’s testimonies here so that you can see that you’re not alone.  That others have walked in your shoes.  And that they overcame with the power of Christ. Here is our first testimony.

Eve* writes:

“4 years ago today, I begged with God. I begged Him not to let me die that way. I had been stabbed and felt the strength leaving my body. I was scared because I knew my life wasn’t right with Him. I was afraid that my death would be marked by a small blurb in the “—-” Journal that read “30 year old woman dies of stab wounds: Alcohol was a factor”. Today, 4 years later, I’m living a brand new life. He gave me another chance, and this time, I took it with gusto! I have done everything that has been set before me with everything I have. Recovery, school, work, motherhood, and getting to know the One who saved me. Thank you Lord. For everything. I know You there with me that day and I know You are here with me now. So thank you. So much.”

Praise God!

We would like to give you the chance to tell your story.  If you’re interested in sharing your testimony with our followers, please contact us at

*name has been changed


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  1. twrightlove says:

    “telling your story”…Yes, we overcome by ….testimony


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