My last post was recommending that you find a mentor to walk with you through your Christian walk.  Well, today I am suggesting that you, too, should become a mentor as well.Mentoring

I know what you’re thinking right now.  “Me…a mentor?  Yeah, right!”

You have more to offer than you think.

Have you ever had to struggle with relationships, school/work, family, illness?  Then you can help someone else walk through these situations.  Being a mentor does not mean you know it all, it just means that you are willing to walk with your ‘mentee’ through the challenges and successes in their life.   A friend willing to help them see God in their lives when maybe they can’t see Him there.

A mentor helps a ‘mentee’ along the road to becoming all that God has designed them to be.  A mentor leads by example.  A mentor loves.

Watch this video.  There are many examples of mentorship–but mostly focus on the coach and the opposing team member at the end.  These 2 people really wanted to help Mitchell be everything he could be.

Suddenly being a mentor doesn’t look that hard…


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