The Runaway, as most models will likely attest, has it’s hazards.  Tricky surfaces, stunts (fire or water on the runway), restrictive clothing, fur protestors–they can all add the the challenge and the stress of walking the runway.  The worst, though, are likely those pesky but fabulous shoes that designers feel obliged to send the models out in.  Have a look at this YouTube video and you’ll see what I mean (you don’t have to watch it all–it’s 6+ minutes long!).

The expectation of a model is that regardless of what she wears or what the state of the runway she will not only make it to the end but do so with poise and grace.  Even after taking a tumble (as we see in the above video!) a committed model will get up and continue the show as if nothing happened.  To maintain one’s cool in the midst of difficulty does not come easily, though–there is much practice and hard work that is required for its’ development.

Quite frankly, as we all know, real life is no different.  The one thing we can be sure of (aside from death and taxes) is that there will be obstacles and struggles as we walk through our lives.

All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today. — Pope  Paul VI

If we had a choice we would all try to avoid “falling down” on the runway.  The struggles and challenges in life are not pretty and they’re far from pleasant.  They can leave scars that can last a lifetime and can effect our choices for the rest of our lives.

I’m reminded of where I was a few years ago, where I developed a few of my scars.  I followed my job to a place far from home, friends and all that I knew and wow, were there stuggles and stumbling blocks galore ahead of me!  My “boss” did not like me (why did he hire me, then, you say–good question…) and he did all in his power to make me feel it.  At work, at home–there seemed to be nowhere that I had any peace.  And I seemed to keep saying and doing stupid things that kept burying me deeper in this place of trouble.  I cried out to God–why am I here?  Where are You?  Save me from this place of pain and struggle!  But do you know what?  He didn’t take me out of that place until I was ready.  I had a few lessons to learn (and I have a thick skull and usually acquire my learning through the school of hard knocks!):  firstly, to call out to Him; secondly, to place my life in His hands; and thirdly, to get back up after falling down.

To get back up?  But I’d rather bury my head under my pillow and never leave!  I’m so humiliated that I fell down, that I failed!  I can’t face the world after this last disaster!  How can I face God?  I’d rather give up!

The strange thing is, God doesn’t look for success as the world does.  He doesn’t look for perfection in our walk, for the lack of falls or scars, or for unparalleled elegance.  He looks to see us get back up.  To continue on our walk.  To finish.

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Ephesians 6:13 (NIV)

He wants to see us get up off the ground when we’re hurting and weak and use His strength (which he has promised to us–2 Timothy 1:7) to stand.  This makes Him proud.  To see us come up against the hazards of life and stumble  but get back up with poise and grace and continue to the finish.  This will be a hard lesson to learn, but remember, it’s worth it.  Don’t give up!

by Bob Carlisle

Cursing every step of the way, he bore a heavy load
To the market ten miles away, the journey took its toll
And every day he passed a Monastery’s high cathedral walls
And it made his life seem meaningless and small

And he wondered how it would be to live in such a place
To be warm, well fed and at Peace; to shut the world away

So when he saw a priest who walked, for once, beyond the Iron gate
He said, tell me of your life inside the place…
And the priest replied…

We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
And the Saints are just the Sinners
Who fall down and get up

Disappointment followed him home; he’d hoped for so much more
But he saw himself in a light he had never seen before

Cause if the priest who fell could find the Grace of God to be enough
Then there must be some hope for the rest of us
There must be some hope left for us

We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
We fall down, we get up
And the Saints are just the Sinners
Who fall down and get up


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